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Craig was chief ROV pilot for NOAA's Undersea Research Program for the North Atlantic and Great Lakes for 8 years. He has designed and manufactured both manned and unmanned systems for over twenty years, and has extensive mission experience with shipwrecks and scientific data collection. ROVs can operate either independently or in support of manned submersibles. Craig is based in Northern California and does STEM outreach with local schools, but is open to science missions anywhere.


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Brian has nearly forty years experience as a diver and submersible operator, a doctorate in Family Systems, and has been an ordained pastor for thirty five years. Based in Florence, South Carolina, he is available for expeditions and educational applications.



Hank has built eight submarines, and currently owns a Dual Deep Worker two person sub.  Hank has a large following on Youtube and has worked on television productions. He can operate independently anywhere in North America, and he is interested in expedition ideas. Hank is based in Northwestern Canada.



Cliff Redus holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and has a particular interest in design and fabrication of manned submersibles.  His day job is consulting in the upstream oil and gas industry including teaching short courses in surface facilities.  Cliff has used the R300 with elementary schools as part of their gifted and talented program and is interested in expedition ideas that inspire engineering and science.



Ian is the current owner of Nekton Gamma, a storied two person submarine. Growing up in a small fishing village on the northwest coast of Scotland, Ian spent a lot of time on and in the water, developing an affinity for the ocean, conservation and, funnily enough, for submarines. Now a software engineer in California, his long term goals include helping to improve undersea exploration and the preservation of marine ecosystems through better use of technology.


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Alec has built and operated submersibles since 1998. He is an engineer but also has a particular interest in marine conservation. In his spare time Alec delivers after-school enrichment programs in the Washington DC metro area, and is interested in expedition ideas that further science, marine conservation, or education. Alec is also a crew member on the deep diving science sub Pisces VI.


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Emile is the owner of Airesearch, a firm that designs and manufactures submersibles, ROVs, and submersible components. His submersibles include Nordicsub, Drebbel, and PilotFish, a human-powered submersible designed to cross the English Channel. His submarine Drebbel is available for expeditions across Europe.

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